Too often we speak about God and His blessings and how we know that He is with us without speaking about Jesus, without telling about how to come to the Lord. Many there are who know of God, who long for a relationship with Him but have no clue about how to reach out to Him.

We need to become more focused on telling the story of the one true God, the triune God, the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Most people acknowledge that there is a supreme being, that there is or was a god or many gods of the universe who do or have interacted with this world. What they do not know is that all gods but one have been created by man to help explain this world in which we live. All gods but one expect man to come to them, all gods but one expect man to earn his way into heaven, all gods but one love conditionally.

Only the triune God loves His creation, man, unconditionally, without reservations and with all His August Being. If we do not talk about Jesus as the Way to God then we have failed to do more than tell a heart-warming story.