We pulled into the campground yesterday afternoon. Evidently this place pre-assigns campsites so we took what was chosen and made the best of it… tiny site, uneven ground and sewer setup almost too high. It took setting up and then, because of the soft ground, another setup to get and stay level (the second time in the rain). We are now very comfortable and we were able to enjoy life while the wind blew and the thunder roared last night.

Every place we camp during this phase of our lives is a new place, some are good and some are not so good. As we travel we are learning those places to avoid in the future and adjusting our plans accordingly. Of course, we are also finding those rare gems where the location is good, the sites and the staff are great, and the fellow campers are friendly and helpful.

Today is Linda’s day of rest and, even though the drive was only 90 miles and 2 hours, she is sleeping. We are so pleased that we can still travel, and we thank God every day for His mercy and love. We have each been through valleys with God and we have also been on the mountaintop with Him.