This morning while reviewing our travel plans we realized that we (meaning Carl) had made a mistake by not looking closely enough at the travel route.  A minor change in routing was required so we cancelled one reservation (eliminating the Chincoteague stop) and replaced it with another stop in New Jersey.

As our travels unfold, we have been amazed that every change that we have had to make has brought us opportunities.   The Lord shows us opportunities to share our faith by allowing us help others, or strengthens our faith by allowing us to need the help of others.

Whether we are helping or being helped, sharing our faith or having others share their faith, we are happy and at peace with our life as directed by the Lord.  It is when we move on our own or, knowing the will of the Lord, go in a different direction that we become disillusioned.  It is not that God demands obedience, it is not that He dictates what we must do.  No, we can do as we please.  He lays out the consequences of our actions and allows us the freedom to choose… life eternal with Him or without Him… peace and joy forever or your worst nightmare forever.