We spent the weekend with our niece and family in Woodbridge. While there we went to Occoquan, toured some of the shops and ate dinner. What a treat it was to reconnect Dawn and Bruce and Ashley and finally meet her children.

Then yesterday we toured Washington with a small touring company. There was only one other person in the van with us. The driver was very informative and able to customize the tour to our interests. Seeing Washington again brought back good memories of times past with family, and Linda and I made new memories for the both of us. I still have trouble with the Vietnam Memorial Wall and I was moved by the beauty of Korean War Memorial.

The affairs of man seem to be well represented in our capitol and we are still impressed our nation of self-government. Every American of all political persuasions should come to our capitol to see what our forefathers created. Imperfect as it is, fraught with strife as it is, there is a grand design to our form of government.

God, our Father, is in clear evidence even through the lies and deceptions that abound in this place. His Presence seems to be the glue that holds this nation together. So, pray for His continued blessings on the governing bodies of this great nation.