Last Sunday, Linda and I went to a Lutheran Church service… not just any Lutheran service but a very traditional Lutheran service. We felt welcomed by a friendly congregation and pastoral staff and we felt the Presence of the Holy Spirit throughout the service. All Christians everywhere are a part of the body of Christ.

The traditions that are a part of God’s Church differ greatly and yet have the same solid foundation… Jesus Christ. Christians may bicker over ceremony, may argue the fine points of their creeds but, in the end, we are all discipled by the same Lord.

So, last Sunday Linda and I went to church and met Jesus wearing different clothes, in a different place with different people and discovered the same Jesus that we knew from our home church, the same Jesus that we see everywhere as we travel. Look beneath the traditions, the outer skin of each of us and you will find Jesus. Jesus waiting to welcome you home, into His Heart and Arms where you belong.

Tomorrow we move on to another adventure and, we know that Jesus will be waiting to welcome us and help us on our way.