Yesterday… so many emotions… reliving old memories and making new ones, reconnecting with a sweet little girl who somehow morphed into a beautiful and loving wife and mother. And, oh yes, such great food. We ate at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord, browsed their gift shop and wandered back to the campsite.

We topped off the day with an unscheduled visit from the fire department. It appears that one of us bumped the on/off knob on one of the eyes on the stove and we didn’t notice. After Little Man spending hours listening to the propane sensor alert and breathing the gas, the fire department was notified. They arrived shortly after we did. The practical lesson learned is to always check the camper after guests have been in. In a small camper with 7 people inside there is ample opportunity for knobs to be bumped.

On the spiritual side, remember that much more could have gone wrong without the Lord watching over us. The camper had become a bomb waiting to explode when I opened the door but didn’t, Little Man could have been asphyxiated. So many things could have gone wrong and didn’t. Some would say that it was just a set of happy circumstances that while Linda was praying for and ministering to a hurting soul in the gift shop God was watching out for her home. We know better.

We did not start the day expecting any of this to happen, we only knew that God would be with us and show himself if we would only watch. This time His Presence was obvious.