Meeting new people is a given when you camp. The real trick is to be able to discern their spirit knowing only what you see and hear, away from their family and their circle of friends. As we travel and camp at new locations, as we try to follow Jesus and His plan for our lives there come times when we meet those who speak the right words of faith without conviction.

We even meet people who try to influence our walk with the Lord by speaking words that are mostly false with enough truth to mislead. There are times when these folks are aware of the deception of their words and times when they are not aware because they are being influenced by satan. When we hear what we perceive to be false beliefs and ideas, we need to bring them to the Holy Spirit for validation of their falsehood.

Taking great care to be loving and kind, we need to reject these false beliefs and share the good news. Sharing the good news is not always speaking of Jesus, it can be simply saying there is a better way or more to life than things or accomplishments. Yes, Jesus is the ultimate answer but just maybe they need to find Him through your actions and not by your words.