After the activity of Monday and Tuesday the 4th, Linda needed the next two days to rest.  As it turns out those next two days were weather perfect while we rested and we woke this morning ready to go see the Landis Village Museum, a working historical village here in Lancaster County.  Well, this morning the skies opened and the rains came.  But we are going to trust that the rains will end by lunch and we will have a nice afternoon to see the village.  If not, there is always tomorrow, or the next time through.

Just like our scare with the propane alarm in the camper, there is nothing worth being stressed about.  You see, God already knows how everything is going to work out.  He will ensure that all things in your life will eventually be for your good if you will only believe.  You may go through difficult times, times that test your patience, times that test your will, times that test your faith.  Be patient, be trusting and be faithful to remember Who is ultimately in charge.  The Lord loves you and cherishes your soul.  So, before times of trial come learn to lean on Him, doing nothing by your own strength.  Then, when trials come you will have Him at your side.