Last night, even though we are moving today, we stayed up real late watching old TV shows and reading. Since we did not sleep in, we are working a little slower this morning due to the lack of sleep. These 11 days of camping have gone by quickly and our time to leave arrived all too soon. We saw old friends and made new friends, both of which we will miss.

Even though we don’t know where or when, we know we will see these folks again. We always pray that the Lord will bless us with new friends and He does. In His time, He places people on our path that need us and people that we need. This stop, He gave us people that we needed to fellowship with and be encouraged by.

So now, we move on to the New Jersey shore, first to Port Republic for 2 weeks and then Cape May Courthouse for 2 weeks. There are several places reachable from these locations, not the least of which is the Atlantic Ocean beach area.

Once again, we will be praying to recognize those who the Lord wants us to minister to as well as those can minister to us.