There are days when I come to the keyboard to talk about the occurrences in my life and they seem so petty and repetitious that I just close the laptop and forget about writing. Today is one of those days, and yet, here I am writing… compelled to share this uneventful day. Compelled to talk about how the Lord is present in the ordinary and boring and mundane times.

Even a day like today is a miracle full of God’s love and mercy. It is in days like today where we learn to not yearn for more but be content with what we have, learn to accept that God is a God of enough, a God of just in time. There will come a time when all the rest from peace and quiet will be needed. The energy stored in our bodies and the reflections gathered in our minds will flow into our depleted souls to sustain us in times of turmoil.

Enjoy peace and quiet when you can. If you hear the Lord quietly puttering around in your mind, be at ease. He is working for your good and may even have a message for you and maybe one for others.