It appears that the heat wave that we are currently in is having a personal impact as we decide where to go and what to see. Since we have seen nothing in this area and have no real strong desires to see anything, the pool looks better and better. So, instead of Atlantic City and the Steel Pier we will stay here and go bobbing in the pool.

With Linda’s problems and my naturally ageing body, we no longer try to push to see new things and experiences. We have become content to share each moment with each other, make new friends and reconnect with old ones. The wonders of our country and the world pale in comparison to the people who inhabit this earth.

When there is a time of restriction in your life, when you have physical limitations, your spirit is still able to shine and your faith can still move in your life and shine before others. Do not be unhappy if the Lord gives you burdens. Those burdens may slow your body and limit your ability to see new things and yet, they may also be the witness that someone needs to illuminate their path to the Lord.