>Last night I tossed and turned and slept poorly. This morning as I tried to understand what was disturbing my sleep, I pricked my finger to check my sugar. The results showed elevated levels of sugar in my blood. Not sure why. Maybe extra stress, poor diet yesterday, late supper, lack of sleep. Whatever the cause, I need to change something to keep the count at an acceptable level.

Although diabetes is a tricky problem it is easy compared with the troubles that so many people go through. Yes, I should be more careful about my diet and I certainly need more exercise. However, with the right regimen and a minimum of medication I can still lead a normal life. There are many who have medical issues that limit their activities, that prevent them from participating fully in the lives of those around them.

As their family and friends, it becomes our responsibility to be as inclusive as their medical conditions will allow. It is truly amazing what even a small gesture can mean to those that have been forced to life’s sidelines. What they need is friendship not pity, compassion not indifference. Christian love not Christian charity. Look around you. There are more people with special needs that you realize, right in front of you.