Even as we travel this country, wandering from place to place and seeing the sights and the people, we know that the wandering will someday end, that our world (which has been limited only by our desire to see new things) will become smaller… or will it? As we have journeyed from place to place, we have grown in faith separately and as a couple. Our trek through this part of our lives has enriched us with new perspectives, given us new eyes with which to see God’s children and humbled us.

As long as we keep our hearts open, our minds vigilant and our spirits ready, our world will never shrink but continue to expand as we draw nearer to God’s heavenly realm. We thank the Lord that our travels are not done, that He has more for us see and more people for us to meet. We are content to be in His will and pray that we will always be so.

There is no better place to be than in the will of the Lord and there is only one way to get there. That way runs right through Jesus Christ. Seek Him as He seeks you.