When we started this journey of discovery five years ago, we had no idea.  We could never have imagined the wonders that we would see, never understood the grace and mercy that would flow over us and through us to others.  We imagined a time of service, maybe a mission trip or two helping others.  Well, we did that and found that just once in a while was not enough.  A hunger to share Jesus took root and spread in our souls.

As we move through this country we are amazed by the number of people we speak to, the opportunities for sharing that arise.  Although we do periodically volunteer on NOMADS projects, most of the places we go and people we see are not part of any script, there is no plan to evangelize, only the need to share.

The joy of sharing with new friends, the peace that comes from helping others fills our hearts and can fill yours as well.  We implore you to start your own journey with the Lord.  Immerse yourselves in God’s Word.  Seek Him with your entire being and listen to and follow Him.