This world that we all live is a wondrous place, a magical kingdom just waiting to be explored. The beauty that the Lord created is filled with nuances that explode into our senses over and over again. Yes, the Creator made a perfect world, and yet He also created humankind, created us in His image, perfect in every way.

So, what happened? Adam and Eve disobeyed. And their disobedience was the first time that man sinned against God. Down through the ages man kept turning away from God and God continued to show grace and forgave us. And then Jesus came into the world.

God came down from heaven and took the form of His created to show us the way back. He did not remove sin from the world, He did not force man to obey. No, He showed us how to have lives that followed Him. Jesus led the way to bringing love, grace and mercy to a corrupt world.

What do we do with this gift? We follow the example of Jesus and pass the love, grace and mercy of the Lord to others. By example, by word, by actions, we share the love of Jesus and the world becomes less evil each time.