Last night we tried out our new Flame Genie firepit. Starting the fire was easy and it worked as advertised. The wood pellets were easy to start and the fire was smoke-free and did not emit any sparks. The cost of the pellets is about the same as the cost of firewood for a conventional firepit and is easily stored and transported.

Yesterday was an excellent day of rest and Linda finally got to roast marshmallows after we ate around the fire. We wandered the park with Little Man, looking over the other campsites and sharing with people. Each conversation brings new enlightenment to our journey with Jesus and each site has a little something new that we notice. We get ideas for how to improve our lives both spiritually and physically as we mesh with others.

During this time in our lives, we need to remember that we are not bodies who happen have souls, we are souls temporarily housed in our bodies. It is our soul that will live on long after these bodies are dead and buried. So, worry not about your physical condition but be keenly aware of your spiritual health. Take heed of your soul, nourish it with God’s Word and prepare it for eternity.