We have been at Sea Pines RV Resort for seven days and six nights. I have been out three times to run errands and Linda has not yet left the resort area, not because she doesn’t want to… no, her health, combined with the weather, has held her hostage to the camper. Even the leak in our front window, discovered during a night of torrential rain, caused us to give thanks… thanks for the waterproof mattress cover, quick fix and easy long-term repair.

These things happen from time to time in our travels. And yet, every night as we crawl into bed we always say, ‘this has been a good day’. There are many reasons why every day is a good day in our lives… as many reasons as there are days in our lives. It may be as simple as a lessening of the daily pain that Linda endures or as complex as a conversation with someone who needs to hear about the blessings of the Lord.

Always, our love for Jesus sustains us, lifts our burdens from our shoulders and allows us to share His wonderful mercies with others. The love He gave us for each other gives us the ability to carry our combined load with grace and dignity and proclaim Him Lord of all. In our good times and in our bad times, He is sovereign and carries us, comforts us and shows us mercy and love.