Yesterday we posted about the beauty of our trip to the Pocono Mountains, forgetting completely the major blessing that God gave.  You see, it stormed all the way here and the rain let up when we were in the most picturesque spots.  In fact, the rain started just after we finished at the dump station and ended as we arrived at this campground.  We still, after moving every few weeks since February 20th, 2017, have yet to be rained on during tear down or set up.


Good planning?  Probably not, as our reservations are generally made 4 to 6 months in advance.  Just plain lucky?  No, we have learned that if we are faithful in our prayer life the Lord is faithful in answering prayer, even in the little things. 



Our Lord loves to hear from us in all our circumstances, not just in our times of greatest need or when our strength is failing.  He needs to hear about our joy every day and He wants us to depend on Him in every situation.  We pray for Linda’s and my health, peace in our lives and safe and trouble-free travels continuously.  During our prayer times, we pray for friends and family.