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Yesterday I went to church while Linda rested. The worship music was wonderful, and a great message was preached. But the best part of my time at church always comes before service and after service. That is when we get to fellowship with those we have been missing. Yesterday was no different, I was with people that I hadn’t seen in a long time, including Will and June Siscel.

This morning we went to the doctor to get the results of last week’s bloodwork. I am fine, and Linda only has a minor bladder infection. He added vitamin D supplements and a monthly B12 injection to help with her chronic tiredness.

Tomorrow we leave out to fly to Yuma to see Mom and family for a week. The Lord has blessed us with the ability to take care of or health, riches enough to keep in touch with relatives, and the means to keep ourselves warm, safe and dry.

Not everyone has these blessings. Take time during your festivities to give thanks for what you have and ask the Lord for guidance to lead you to those most in need. When you get your answer, act, do something. Don’t just talk about the problem, solve it.


This morning we woke up to temperatures in the mid 30’s, even the cat did not want to go outside. So, I acquiesced to his superior wisdom and we have stayed in so far… not that I mind the cold. Well, I didn’t used to be bothered by it.

Interesting how our tolerance for the weather changes over time. As we stay in one place, we gradually get used to the weather and learn to adapt our habits to survival there. We change what we wear, when we venture outside and even our perception of what comfort is.

Unfortunately, the same can be said for many of us in our spiritual lives. Salvation brought with it a new environment for us to live in within this world. At first, we were entranced with this new place and sought every opportunity to explore and carry the good news to others.

But, eventually, the newness wears off and we begin to adapt, not to our new selves, rather we start to adapt our faith to the world, to the environment in which we live. Gradually, our faith is compromised for comfort and we, once again, become the unwitting pawns of the enemy.

Don’t get comfortable in this world, it is only a waystation on the path to eternity.

I do believe that there is an effort being made to give me a message. For the past few days, every devotion I read and every passage I see from the Bible carries the same theme. Even during Wednesday’s small-group we spoke of the importance of the words we speak, of how we conduct ourselves.

It is true that our actions and conduct show the love of Christ to the world. However, there is even more strength in the words we share with the world. We can tear each other down, we can spread rumors, maybe we can speak half-truths and do harm and we can do it all in the name of Christianity.

We have listened to the half-truths of commercials and to lies about how to advance at work, how to find a spouse and how to keep our wealth for ourselves. It is time for us to build people up, speak the truth of God’s word, and share the truth of the Gospel with the world. It is time for us to stand up for Jesus with our mouths as well as with our actions. It is time to let the light of the Lord shines through us and pass the blessings of Jesus to a dark and needy world.

Last night at church, Linda with the women and me at a small group for men just plain felt right. I mean, really, there was no better place to be than in fellowship with other believers speaking truth and reinforcing the message of the Gospel.

Any man who only speaks the gospel but does not walk out his faith is like a man who is standing in the midst of a wildfire trying to put out the flames with words only. Imagine saying stop to your car at a stop sign instead of pushing the brake pedal. Not very effective.

It gets even worse. Think about those around you who see your actions every day. All looks fine Sunday morning as you head out to church and return all sanctified. What about the rest of the week? Those around you may hear your words but do they see you walking with the Lord every day? Or do you show the world your true self by your actions?

There is no other way to follow Jesus except to give up all that you have and all that you are and allow Him full access to you. He does not accept part-time Christians and He will not acknowledge part-time followers. Either you are all in for the Lord or you are all out of luck. Don’t miss your blessings by being wishy washy.

We did our labs and Linda’s eye doctor on Monday. Her eyes are fine, and we get the results of the lab work next Monday. Then Linda took one of our friends out to eat while I played bachelor. Yesterday was definitely a day of rest for Linda while I read and watched over her.

So, today Linda has her hair done at 3 and then goes to the Women’s Christmas Party tonight while I go to Men’s group. What a blessing it is be able to, once again, be in fellowship with the part of the body of Christ where we met and fell in love.

Tomorrow Linda goes to her rheumatologist and next Tuesday we fly to Yuma for a week with Mom and my older brother, David. This is always a busy month with the holiday season upon us. What we need to do is separate what we do during this time from the origins of the season. All our visiting and gift giving has very little to do with celebrating the birth of Christ and a whole lot to do with the world we live in. Take time to worship our Lord and why He became a helpless baby in a manger.

After giving away our stuff twice, we find ourselves in the position of having to reaccumulate enough stuff to live in a one-bedroom apartment. We know that the Lord is gracious and kind and will provide a way and it is a blessing that we have the time and resources needed to do this. Not everyone does.

In our town there is a place that is called tent city. It is a place hidden from view where the homeless live. While we have lived on the road for two years with no permanent home, our circumstances could not be more different. We have a steady income and all the amenities of living in a house. The travel trailers of today are tiny homes, not camping opportunities. As a couple we have been blessed to take a sabbatical from reality and live our dream of travel and service.

Now, we settle here and, while our travel will be curtailed, our passion for service can continue. So, in addition to accumulating stuff, we will be looking for opportunities to serve where we are able.

Oh, and by the way, this morning we will be going to one of the best places to start looking… our church. They know where the community needs are the greatest and they have the resources to send you on your way.

This morning we woke to a nice Dothan morning and the cat and I went for a nice long walk, after which I proceeded to the Harvest Church men’s breakfast. It had been at least a year since the last one that I could attend. My joy overflows as we work to get resettled in Dothan and reconnect with friends.

We thoroughly enjoyed our travels and really look forward to taking shorter more focused trips in the future. But, oh how sweet it is to be back. We are looking forward to going through some thorough medical stuff and fixing some minor problems. And we are especially excited about living in 900 square feet of apartment when one becomes available.

Cleveland was our speaker this morning and he had several points about reading the Bible to discern the Lord’s will and yet what resonated with me was his admonition to pray. Pray for wisdom and insight when reading the Bible, pray before starting each day and pray before each task during the day.

After the meeting, I spoke briefly with Pastor Ralph and as we parted he asked to pray with me about our situation and God’s timing. It sure is great to be back with strong Christian friends.

The world whirls frantically around us, people scurrying along on paths that lead nowhere. Each day filled with uncompleted tasks and goals that remain just out of reach. We go to bed worrying about what went undone and wake up making plans on how to catch up… only we never do.

Planning, planning, always planning for tomorrow. Yesterday seemed too short, today seems too long and tomorrow is but a dream. This is how too many people lead their lives… in silent desperation. Not knowing of any way out of this cycle of despair, they put on a smile and strive to show contentment to the world.

But there is a better way. You can have joy and happiness in your life. Peace and contentment can become the normal state of your being. Imagine making plans with someone who knows your future, who has your best interest at heart and who will never guide you wrong. It has happened to us and it can happen to you.

When your plans have not satisfied your needs, turn your steps toward Jesus, look to Him for the guidance that you need in your life.

Sunday, we went to church at our home church in Dothan. We felt right at home, reconnected with old friends, enjoyed the worship time, the fellowship time and especially enjoyed the message. As we have traveled, Linda has felt burdened to be back in Dothan. After Sunday, our feelings to return to where we met and started the faith journey we have been on have been reinforced.

There is a peace surrounding us now that had gradually slipped away. Just knowing that we are where the Lord wants us to be is enough. As when we traveled and sought His will along the way, we will now search for His will here, in Dothan, among friends.

Now begins the process, the process of finding an apartment, reacquiring furniture and all the things that come with living a stationary life. We expect this process to be a lengthy endeavor as we pray and seek guidance. However, all is in the His hands and it will be His timing that decides our lives.

Thank you to everyone who greeted us with open arms and ready smiles. We are anxiously waiting for the process to finish and bring us home again.

Church at Harvest this morning, second service. We have been looking forward to attending this church again for a while now. We have enjoyed other churches for the past three years with only an occasional return visit. However, we will still not be ‘regulars’ for a while as we wind down our travels and figure out where to rent and how to refurnish an apartment.

Walking this path that has been chosen for us as a couple has not always been easy and we have not always been in accord with each other. But when our understanding of where the Lord wants us has differed we have prayed together, talked to each other and had good advice from family and friends.

God does not intend for us to live in a vacuum, only hearing our thoughts and only doing our will. As a couple, we do not need to try to impose our will on each other. Rather, we must each try to serve the other, without ignoring our own desires. The art of becoming one is allowing the Lord to take two hearts and put them together. Each must first seek the Lord and He will create one out of two.

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