So, after four days of sunshine comes the rain and although it is a light rain, it is enough to ground us this morning and possibly all day. This has been a great week of reminiscing for me and sightseeing for Linda. Now we listen to the rain as it filters through the trees and softly pings on the roof.

Warm and toasty in our camper, we rest. Sitting quietly and enjoying the time together, we feel blessed. Today, we have love and blessings from the Lord and time with each other. That is enough. Only God knows what tomorrow may bring.

As we have traveled, there has been one theme that happens over and over again. God is merciful and kind and cares about each of His creations. It is not by our strength that we continue and it is not by our wisdom that we choose our path. By being true to His plan for us, we prosper. We meet people who inspire us, we see the glory of the Lord and we go on. For us, there is no other way and when our days are done we will be ready to go home to be with the Lord.


Up Dairy Hill Road and into the past. Beginning at the right turn from Vermont 14 the memories of a simpler time started. Although things had changed over the years there was plenty of the past there to see. Time has been kind in some places and unkind in others. McIntosh pond is gorgeous, the Joseph Smith birthplace well maintained, the old one room schoolhouse looks fine but my grandparent’s place is getting a little rundown.

Then on to town (South Royalton), which has not changed much at all. We mailed some letters there and ate a nice lunch after which we drove past my other grandparent’s place which has been changed a lot transitioning from farm to home but well maintained.

Then to farm where I lived. We drove over the tracks, past the one-room schoolhouse and down to the house. We followed HC Perly into the yard and spoke briefly with him. Time has not been kind to the old place, much like many places in this region. In 2011 the White River flooded the farm buildings, including the house and they are still recovering and repairing.

This part of our journey reminds us that we are to cherish our memories, enjoy today and let the Lord handle all our tomorrows. On to sightseeing.

We woke to fog this morning. Well, not really fog, more like the mountain mist that obscures the view early and then burns off leaving a bright sunny day. The beauty here is subtle most of the year and then explodes for a few weeks in the fall. We have seen more spectacular scenery in many parts of the country and been awed by the size and the majesty of these United States.

However, the enchanting villages and quaint farmlands of rural New England will steal your heart. The vistas are not as majestic as others. They are, however, much more captivating by the very nature of their ability to grab your imagination and draw you into their essence. I know that, for me, God lives here and beckons me to sit a spell and inhale His love and peace. He crooks His finger asking me to walk with Him down the seldom-traveled road covered with leaves so He can calm my troubled spirit.

And, when the time comes, the Lord will leave me, comforted and ready to resume this journey toward my heavenly home. Am I showing Linda my roots? Yes, but I am also showing her the path that is before us as we travel on.

Yesterday I drove into Vermont for the first time since attending my grandfather’s funeral. Today Linda will rest while I pick up supplies at Walmart and reminisce. I was nine when we moved to Connecticut so most of my memories of living in Vermont are from a child’s perspective; however, we visited often over the next ten years and I spent two summers helping my grandfather in his wood shop.

Tomorrow we hope to be able to drive by the places that I remember and see the fall foliage. We may even be able to see some tourist venues. It all depends on the weather and how the cooler temps affect our bodies as Linda recovers from last week.

Linda has enjoyed New England far more than either of us thought she would, to the point of thinking about spending summers here instead of further south. We pray about our travels and where we will rest and volunteer. We plan at least a year in advance and make reservations up to 4 months in advance. Looks like we need to pray about these changes and go to the Lord again to hear His voice and plans for us.

In the ebb and flow of life, the Lord’s gracious hand is manifest. Every day evidence of His power and majesty are right in front of us. We need to open our eyes to the wonder of His creation and not hide our faces from Him.

Monday, we drove through the beauty of coastal New Hampshire and southern Maine. Tuesday, we went to the shore and marveled at the power of His seas as the waves crashed among the rocks. Wednesday, we reconnected with a couple from our last stop and rested and praised the Lord for Monday and Tuesday. Thursday, was an afternoon of fellowship and planning with new friends.

Today, we will be doing the mundane chores that seem less burdensome here than in an apartment. Cleanup and laundry take on a different flavor when the living space is smaller and the laundry means the possibility of meeting new people.

One of the great joys of living in campgrounds is watching Linda come alive among strangers and make new friends. Her gift of discernment and friendship opens the hearts of strangers and allows God’s love and peace to flow all around us as we minister to the hearts of others and spread the message of Jesus to those we meet.

Monday, we pack up and move up the coast to Wells, Maine. So far, this trip has not disappointed me and Linda. I am once again in the part of the country where I grew up savoring the accents, the attitudes and the climate of New England. I would almost be willing to move back here… except for the winters of course.

I fully intended to write yesterday, in fact, this was started but interrupted by life several times. Guess I should go back to early prayer and communion with God followed by devotional reading and writing. What I intended to say was that we were blessed by the direction of hurricane Jose and that our plans take us even further from his path.

What I feel today is a strong urge to talk about our origins, our place of birth and how we should all go back to our beginnings. Then we need to meditate on the path our lives have taken, looking for places where we have strayed from the Lord and places where He has intervened for us. An honest evaluation will humble us when we see His faithfulness compared with our infidelity. And yet, He still allows us to have joy for those sweet moments when we were safe in His Hands and He allows the blood of Jesus to cover those times when we were unfaithful.

This morning my glucometer reading was an unhealthy 170. It has been hovering between 130 and 150 for several months now and I have been ignoring its warning. Probably not a good idea. But then, I have not been real good at heeding warning signs during my life.

So, the time has evidently come when I must begin to rein in my appetite and exercise more. This means becoming more intentional about my thoughts and reviewing the consequences of my activities. The quality of life that I have moving forward will be a consequence of the decisions I make today, either for better or worse. Do I ignore the future and enjoy my guilty pleasures now or do I take steps now to insure a healthier and happier future?

This is a decision about my life in this world and the results will have a limited impact on my life before the grave and little impact on my eternal soul… or will it? All the decisions made by us in this life impact everyone around us, and their decisions (influenced by us) impact everyone around them. This means that our actions will influence people we never see. We can unknowingly lead others to heaven or hell by our words and actions. Enjoy life, but do so carefully so as to not cause another to fail.

Every day is a struggle and every day can be a triumph. Sometimes we forget. As we make plans and change plans, as we sit and recharge our batteries, as we see new sights and meet new people we sometimes leave Jesus out of the picture.

Why is that? It is the mercy and love of Jesus, the sacrifice of Christ, that gives us eternal hope and without hope the world is a bleak and dreary place. So, back to the question. Where is Jesus in our planning? Why do we plan without His input, without praying for His guidance? And, when we do think to pray, why do we either ignore His input or falsely claim that our wants and desires are His?

All this to say that I am questioning my commitment to showing the love of Jesus to a fallen world. I am doubting my gifts, wondering if my words are impacting anyone for Christ. I know that we all go through periods of doubt, times of testing. This appears to be one such time for me. Pray for Linda as she watches me struggle, pray for me as I fight through this time of doubt. Following God’s will for our lives is not easy and is not always fun but if one soul is saved by our struggles then we will have lived a life worth living.

We are now in the process of changing our travel plans beginning 10/28/2017. This means changing a few reservations and rethinking how and where we travel. This is a small price to pay when we hear and obey the answer to prayer. In fact, we firmly believe that the future is brighter and our lives will be more fully enriched because of our obedience.

We are very fortunate to be Christians in a country where we are free to plan our lives in obedience to the Lord, Jesus Christ without fear of reprisals. We can live our faith, express our faith and speak freely to others about our faith. We are truly blessed.

Of course, this is not a license to judge the attitudes and actions of others. We are only responsible for our own actions, not the actions of others who claim to be Christians, not the rhetoric of other Christians and most certainly not the condemning attitudes of other Christians.

To accurately reflect the love of Jesus, without distortion, without the filter of our thoughts and memories being applied is our goal. Although we do sometimes fail, it is the effort that the world will see and applaud.

It started raining last night and has continued all day today. One would think that this would be a real problem, especially when we are in a new tourist area. Not so. We leave time for weather issues, health issues and any problems that may arise. That is the beauty of being retired. No rush to do, no need to be anywhere and always able to follow the promptings of the Lord without pause.

Our health has been more unstable than usual and new aches and pains have been rearing their ugly heads. We are accepting this as a notice to slow down, settle somewhere and start taking better care of our bodies. Because of this we have stopped volunteering with NOMADS and begun the process of finding a new home, a new church and new volunteer opportunities in Florida.

This does not mean that we are done traveling, only that our traveling will be shorter trips with a destination and return timetable. This will allow us to be closer to our family and our doctors and give us time to develop new spiritual partners. We can’t wait to see where this new chapter leads.

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