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We have spent the last two nights sleeping with the windows open and an extra blanket and the past two days without the air conditioner. We had forgotten the pleasure of life without the AC noise. Waking in the morning after a sound night’s sleep to a hot cup of coffee in the cool, clear mountain air is a pleasure that can’t be beat.

We filled one of the propane tanks yesterday, assembled our small Weber grill and used our fire pit in the evening to ward off the slight chill in the air as we sat outside. Of course, you know that the primary function of the fire pit is the roasting of marshmallows.

This is a quiet, peaceful place that we will explore some over the next few days as we make sure all is ready for our next push into New England. I’m not sure if either of us would have been able to live this more sedentary life when we were younger. Age gives one perspective, perspective to see what is important in this life.

This life, here on earth, is but a single breath when compared to eternity, which is our next and last stop. And yet, this life is where we prepare for eternity, where we make eternal decisions. Prepare carefully.


Eternity with God does not begin when you die. Your eternity with God started when you acknowledged Jesus to be the Son of God and accepted that He died for your sins and rose on the third day to be at the right hand of the Father. That means that we do not have to die to have eternal life… we have it now.

This world in which we live is but a temporary phenomenon and our bodies but temporary dwellings for our souls. We should take little note of what happens in our earthly lives and pursue our spiritual lives with great zeal. The race we run, the battles we fight are not mortal but spiritual. So take little note of the physical discomforts but take great care to nurture your soul.

Jesus said in John 14 verse 6 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” So learn about Jesus, study to be worthy and walk the only way to the Father, with Jesus. Spend eternity with the Father and not alone in the outer darkness with only yourself for company.

I realized something after I finished praying this morning and as I listened to Linda pray. We all have things that we take for granted, blind spots in our thankfulness if you will, that the Lord has provided for us and we have never even thought about what this life would be like to be without.

It is important to take an inventory of your blessings regularly to serve as a reminder of all the blessings of the Lord. The Lord’s blessings fall on everyone, the just and the unjust, good and the evil, all religions, races and creeds receive the endless bounty of the Lord in this life. Not so in the afterlife.

No one can ignore God after death. The transition to the afterlife passes through God’s gate… Jesus. He separates the worthy from the unworthy, the grateful from the ungrateful, the saved from the lost.

If you wish to continue to receive His blessings in heaven for eternity realize that you have to acknowledge that you are a sinner, completely unworthy of God’s love and that Jesus is the Son of God who gave His life so you could be reconciled with the Father.

For those of you who depend on yourselves for validation,
For those of you who get your justification from friends,
For those of you who look for life from this nation,
Who do you look to for peace when this life ends?

You may survive without God, even prosper on this earth,
You may be happy for a time, content for a season,
You may live in wealth, thinking you have great worth,
Compared to eternity all of this is but a small caption.

Money and fame do not ease your heart or fulfill your soul,
They are of the world, here only fleetingly.
Store your treasures where the world cannot go,
Learn of Jesus, study the Word, be ready for eternity.

Each day that we live is an image that is placed upon a collage of our lives which becomes a canvas laid out in front of God when we come before Him. The images we choose to place on that canvas show to the world and our Lord who we are. Each one of these images is carefully or carelessly crafted by us and the finished work becomes an eternal record of our lives.

What will your work of look like? Will it be the finished masterpiece of a studied and mature artist? Will it be the careless work of an indifferent person? Will you be pleased with what you have created, more importantly will God?

We all need to improve the images that we daily add to our collage. The best way to do this is sit at the feet of the Master each morning when we wake. Read His Words, Ask Him for help, let Him guide your brushstrokes as you work on the day’s canvas. Do this and your masterpiece will be beautiful.

God knows where your heart is.  He is not mindful of your doctrine or your theology.  An intimate knowledge of the Bible is not necessary for Him to love you.  God wants your mind, body and soul to be dedicated to His purposes, not yours.  So… let go of your wants, let go of your heart, let go of your plans, let go of yourself; give it all to Him.  After you do this you will no longer worry about doctrine or theology.  You will be immersed in the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit will lead you through all of your days, fill you with joy in all circumstances and walk you through death to life eternal.

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