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This morning we woke to a nice Dothan morning and the cat and I went for a nice long walk, after which I proceeded to the Harvest Church men’s breakfast. It had been at least a year since the last one that I could attend. My joy overflows as we work to get resettled in Dothan and reconnect with friends.

We thoroughly enjoyed our travels and really look forward to taking shorter more focused trips in the future. But, oh how sweet it is to be back. We are looking forward to going through some thorough medical stuff and fixing some minor problems. And we are especially excited about living in 900 square feet of apartment when one becomes available.

Cleveland was our speaker this morning and he had several points about reading the Bible to discern the Lord’s will and yet what resonated with me was his admonition to pray. Pray for wisdom and insight when reading the Bible, pray before starting each day and pray before each task during the day.

After the meeting, I spoke briefly with Pastor Ralph and as we parted he asked to pray with me about our situation and God’s timing. It sure is great to be back with strong Christian friends.


We are leaving this campground in Lynchburg to move forward on our journey. Continuing our trip is a little more difficult this time because we have really enjoyed our stay here. This place has been a peaceful haven where we could go out to see people and places and return to an enjoyable atmosphere.

We watched as friends gathered to camp together and have good, family fun. While we enjoyed watching others fellowship, we realized that we are missing the feeling of fellowship in our lives. That means that this will probably be the last long swing in our traveling. After this year, well… actually, April of next year, we will find a home base and take short trips to see family and old friends.

Of course, we will enjoy this journey to the fullest. Next stop is one of our favorite places. Williamsburg where we will steep ourselves in history. We will look at successes and failures of the past, revel in all the historical reenactments that we can find and thank the Lord that we are able to do what we are doing.

Alone time with the Lord is always special, more the day after celebrating the beginning of the journey to our salvation. Today is the start of time between the birth of our Lord and His rising from the grave to defeat death and sin. This is a time of intense reflection and meditation on the life of Christ and what His lessons for us are.

As we pass through these days leading up to the sorrow and pain of the crucifixion and through the joy of the resurrection let us remember that Jesus was not sad as a Man. Rather He embraced the joy and wonder of life, He reveled in fellowship with others, He surrounded Himself with close friends and led them to His Father. He led them to understand just who He is and did so gently with words and actions, showing us how to disciple others along the way.

Enjoy your life, be happy in the face of an uncertain future and be in fellowship with good Christians. Bring your heart and mind to the friendship and most of all bring your joy and happiness. Life meant to be lived in joy as we learn the lessons that grow our faith and bring us into closer fellowship with God and each other.

Why do you go to church? No really… why?

The reason that brings you to church is as important as the act of attending services. If you go to church only because it is your duty to be there and do so with no sense of joy then you miss the point. Sunday service is the time to come together as a body of believers to worship and praise the Lord for He is worthy of all praise.

Church on Sunday should be a time set aside for you to renew your spirit and worship the Lord. If you go to church solely to be seen by people to impress them with your piety beware. Jesus knows your heart and you will be rewarded according to what He sees there.

Friendship, fellowship, time to share, time to laugh and time to cry, time to console and time to make plans together are also a part of Sunday service. So, church on Sunday is vital to the spiritual health of all Christians.

If you do not have one, find a church home that will nurture your soul and stretch your faith.

Last night we were entertained by a fabulous football game. We broke bread and fellowshipped with friends. We watched a sport that gives its players fame. In other words, we used our enjoyment of sports as an excuse to get together again.

No, the game did not end the way we wanted it to; but, what we will remember from last night is the lasting embrace of friendship, the camaraderie of gentle jibes, the thrill of the battle between two evenly matched teams. We will not suffer the bitter taste of defeat, we will instead embrace the joy of companionship, the sense of being enveloped in a community of loving and beloved friends.

The followers of Christ that I know do not hide in church. The world was created to be a beautiful place and man was created to enjoy it and each other. The followers of Christ that I know love life but love the Lord more, laugh a lot but cry a lot as well. The followers of Christ that I know make a difference, happily, joyfully, with lives full of love and triumph.

What a wonderful world Linda and I inhabit. Come join us, find your world full of love, acceptance and joy with your local body of lovers of Christ – commonly called a church.

Do you want to know where your opportunities to witness for Christ come? They come between our last goodbye at church and our first hello at church the next week.  Church is a place for worship, praise and fellowship with other Christians.  We are (or should be) always witnessing at church.  This is not a time of opportunity; rather, it is a time of community with fellow believers.

Where we fail as Christians is that we reverse the hellos and goodbyes and show off our witness between the hello and goodbye at church.  Then we say our last church goodbye and promptly allow the world to regain control and forget our Christian values until our next hello at church.  Acting like a Christian at church any day of the week is a given.  It is almost too easy.  Consistently allowing the love of God to flow through you while in the world requires discipline.

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