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Well, well, well… last night we went to bed saying, once again, it was a good day, a very good day, an exceptional day. We left the campground around 1 PM and drove down to Cape May to the craft beer and arts and craft festival. Evidently this is a very popular summer festival as it took from 1 to 2:20 to drive 12 miles and park (1 mile from the festival). We strolled to the festival and spent a couple of hours seeing the crafts, listening to the live singers and, yes, sampling the beer – only one). As always, the bling was strongly in evidence as well as food, of which we partook – an excellent crab cake.

We had several conversations with the vendors and even shared parts of our testimony. Everywhere we go we meet the nicest folks, people who are willing to share a part of their lives and their story with us as we share with them. We then made our way back to the truck with Linda taking pictures of the Cape May homes along the way.

Last night we both slept the sleep of the forgiven and redeemed, waking this morning to another glorious day of the Lord.


Over my lifetime, I have made many errors in judgement, many poor decisions and taken many paths that led me away from the Lord. Believe me when I say that the Lord can take anyone’s mistakes, anyone’s errors in judgement and mold them into good results. He will take your wayward path and turn it toward Jesus.

It does not matter how far you have strayed, or where your path has led you, Jesus is there. The mistakes you have made, the sins you have committed were all seen by the Lord and will be forgiven by a loving God. Impossible you say? Not so is the reply of Jesus for He forgave the beatings, the ridicule and the pain of death by crucifixion. Jesus not only forgave those who were there, He has forgiven all who believe on Him and confess their sins.

Come, ask Jesus to forgive you for the pain you have caused others, for the bad decisions in your life and for ignoring your Lord and His call to your heart. Let Jesus lead you from brokenness to the awesomeness of a relationship with Him. Stop trying to lead yourself and learn to follow Jesus to the path of eternal life.

We all leave things undone that we thought were important at the time, we forget to put stuff away, we neglect a daily routine or we skip a chore that should have been done. Then we worry and fret over our memory lapse thinking that there must be something wrong with us questioning our work ethic or our mind (Alzheimer’s perhaps?).

The simple truth is that we are human and try as we might we are not perfect. Sometimes our fellow humans forget this and try to regulate perfection in the workplace with rules or legislate laws that try to punish intentions instead of actions. Neither of these acts will have any effect on those who make honest mistakes, except to make them appear guilty of intentionally erring.

All human beings are fallible. They make mistakes, they fall away from God, they hurt us and each other, in short, they are a boiling cauldron of sin and error. Yet God loves them as He loves us, in fact, there is no them and us. All of humanity is drowning in sin. We all need saving, we all need Jesus in our lives and those who find Him, reach out to Him and embrace Him as friend are still in the world. Knowing Jesus is having a Friend who always forgives.

Even though I have never seen Jesus, I love Him. If you were to ask me why I love Him I would have several canned answers. He loved me when I was unlovable, sinful and unrepentant. He gave me peace when I had none. He has showered me with blessings. He is always there to comfort me when I fail. All of these are true and so many more besides, but there is one overriding reason.

I love Jesus because He brought me to the Father. It is through Jesus that I found my heavenly Father. It is through Jesus that my sins were forgiven and I was reconciled with God. It is by the blood of Jesus that I was ushered into eternity and it is through Christ that I will see God, be with God and have eternal joy.

When God the Father asked Jesus answered. When God the Father sought justice, Jesus received the punishment for me and for all of mankind including you.

Yes, you have the opportunity to live with joy now, filled with the love of Jesus. No matter your sins or circumstances, Jesus loves you and wants you to join Him with the Father today and for eternity.

There are times when we feel that we are entitled to righteous indignation, times when the pain of lost relationships seems to ask us to cry out to our fellow Christians for vindication, times when we need to tell the world of the injustices brought on us by others. These are the times when we need remember what Jesus forgave and why.

We must always remember His sacrifice for us. He came to us blameless and yet suffered and died on the cross for us. Jesus, who was without blame, forgave us our sins. Why is it that we have trouble forgiving others when we have been forgiven so much?

Take a good look at your life through the eyes of Jesus. You have much that needed to be forgiven and is continually being forgiven by God. In fact, not only are your sins forgiven and covered by the blood of Jesus, they are forgotten by God.

Now look at what others have done to you that need to be forgiven. Do they even compare to what you have done to others and to God? No.

Forgive because you were forgiven.

Some nights, in my evening prayer, I have to beg for forgiveness for the mess that I made of the day. There are days when my best effort produces nothing but failure. I can’t control my thoughts, my temper flairs, my mouth betrays me, my best intentions go wrong… well, you get my drift.

Even on those nights, I know that God forgives, that He loves me and will continue to applaud my efforts at following Him. Because the God of creation is a loving God He sent His Son so that whosoever believes in Him will have life everlasting. God led me to this Truth of Jesus and I know that my efforts, even those that fail, will be rewarded.

When you love the Lord failure is not an option, because the Lord will never look on your efforts to serve Him as failure. Even when you represent Him poorly He will turn your failure into His triumph. So don’t let fear of failure stop you from trying.

Do not ever set limitations on your ability to serve the Lord, Jesus doesn’t.

Each morning I pray, all day long I lift my thoughts up to God, every night before I sleep I pray… and yet all too often I fail to be all that my Lord and Father intended me to be. All too often I am impatient, uncaring of others and inattentive to their needs.

So part of every morning’s prayer is to be enabled to shine the love of Jesus on a dark world and to see through His eyes and give Him all of the glory all of the time. Every day I start with great joy and anticipation and every day I have some success and some failure.

Every day I see opportunities to be God’s tool and every day I know I miss opportunities. Part of every evening’s prayer is asking to be forgiven for all of the missed opportunities to be His tool, all of the times I took the glory for His gifts given to be used for His glory.

Our God is such an awesome God that He provides us gifts to be used for His glory and provides a Redeemer who, when we ask, forgives us when we use them for our own glory.

Are you forgiven and redeemed? You can be. John 3:16

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