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There are moving days when we are when we are ready to go to the next park and then there are days like today.  We know we need to move on, we know that our time here is over and yet… the energy and sense of adventure are just not there.  This is one of the days where we just do it and trust in the Lord.

Maybe it was the great time we with friends, maybe it was the length of this part of our journey or maybe it was too many short stops in a row.  Whatever the reason, our next stop will be for two weeks and that should give us plenty of rest.

Well, we get here, and they have no sewer hookups available until Monday.  In addition to not wanting to travel, we get one of the bad scenarios when we arrive.  So, we take a temporary spot and get ready to call every morning until we get full hookup.  This is a pain, but not unexpected when you camp within your budget.

Thanking the Lord for today’s blessings is not as easy as most days, but we must… for without Him we are nothing.


Last night two separate, strong thunder storms came through our campground and woke both of us up with all the sound and fury that these events of nature can bring. We were safe, warm and dry in our camper able to roll over and go back to sleep knowing we would have a good meal in the morning.

As I am writing this, so many things come to mind that I am thankful for. A mobile place to live that is safe, warm and dry, good doctors and access to proper medications, a venue where I can speak about God and find opportunities to serve Him by serving others, the love of a good woman and the privilege of loving her back and so many other things.

I am most thankful for a loving God made manifest through His Son Jesus Christ Who came to earth, lived and suffered as a man without sin, died on the cross to cover our sins, was buried and rose on the third day. Even now He sits at the right hand of the Father and claims me as His own. My only part in my salvation was to accept Jesus as the Son of God and to allow Him to plant the Holy Spirit in my heart where the work of my redemption will continue until I am gathered into the bosom of the Lord.

Another new day from the Lord in which to praise Him and glorify Him through our words and deeds. Another morning walk in a new place of beauty along a peaceful river lined with trees dripping with Spanish moss and replete with birds and small animals.

The night before last, Linda was in pain all night in her hips and legs and managed only about an hour of sleep. Then we got up and traveled for just about three hours to our next stop. Linda slept for part of drive and for most of the next sixteen hours. The pain is better now and she will be able to enjoy this day that the Lord has made.

Such is life for us, extraordinary days of pure blessings when the glory of God shines and days of pain and suffering when God’s equally extraordinary mercy shines like a beacon showing us His love. Well, by the us I mean Linda mostly. I am just a bystander during her bad days trying to help as I am able. I am her driver, taking her to new sites of beauty and to places she has never been. I am her set up man, seeking volunteer opportunities where she can shine. But, most of all, I am the lucky man that has the privilege of living with her and I thank the Lord every day, good and bad, for her presence in my life.

Once again, we pack up, unhook and prepare to move to another location. This time we move to a campground we have used before. This time we will be in familiar territory. However, returning to a campground seldom means seeing the same people.

Our lives are not like other people’s lives for we have been blessed with the desire and ability to travel. There are, however, challenges in our lives that make all our days interesting, challenges that friends know a little about. This morning some of those issues raised their ugly heads and we have been swatting them like a game of ‘whack-a-mole’. Fortunately, it is a game at which we have become proficient.

Over this past year, the Lord has blessed us with His wisdom to see our infirmities as He sees them, our trials as He sees them and our blessings as He sees them. All that happens in this realm is not caused by our Father but all that happens in this realm is allowed by the Father. We are to accept our circumstances even as we strive to improve them. We are to thank the Lord joyfully for all that we have and pray for His mercy and love to shower over the earth.

So very grateful for all of the blessings we have received over the years. Our joy knows no bounds as we wake each day secure in the love of Jesus. What a great life He has given us and all He asks in return is that we love Him completely and that we show that love.

Praise and worship is one way to show our love, but there is a better way. A way that we use every day to show our family and friends that we love them. We demonstrate our love by doing for them, by being with them as much as possible. We need to show our love to Jesus in the same way. We need to do for the less fortunate, the widows and orphans, the prisoners and the poor. And we need to be with Jesus as much as possible throughout our day, keep Him first in our thoughts and always in front of our faces, knowing that He is the reason we have the assurance of being with our Lord in heaven.

Colossians 2:6-7 So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

The morning starts in darkness, the promise of today is hidden from our eyes. Yet we get up and start the preparations for what needs to be done, not seeing any light, not knowing what is to be. We do all of this by faith in the world. The belief that today, tomorrow and every future day will be like today.

Then catastrophe strikes. The land shakes under an earthquake, the sky opens up and pours flood waters on the land or the very wind turns into a whirlwind and destruction rains down on us. Where is our faith in the world now? It is at the worst of times on earth that we begin to realize that our faith must not be in the things of the world. We must seek to put our faith where it can never be shaken or flooded or tossed about. We must seek the One Who seeks us.

I see the sky is beginning to lighten up and the world looks to still be beautiful. This is the time to give thanks to God for seeking me when I was lost, for being there when I needed Him most and for knowing when I was ready for Him.

Thank you Jesus for today.

Every day that we awaken to the world is another day to praise God. Every night that we can use to refresh our bodies and minds is another night to thank God for all that we have and are. Our blessings are so manifest that there can be no doubt that there is a God who is alive and active and cares.

Every doctor is blessed with the gift of healing, finely honed by years of training and practice. Every teacher is blessed with the gift of teaching, developed to a fine craft by years of learning and experience. Every scientist is blessed with the gift of curiosity and intelligence, followed by years of learning and working. The list goes on. We are all blessed with gifts from God. Remember that we have never deserved these gifts and receive them only through the grace of God.

Without God there would be nothing. So be thankful that there is a God and that He cares for each of us enough to gift us each with unique talents that, when put together, form the human race, capable of caring for each other while reaching for the stars.

November and December, the months when we are busy with all of the hustle and bustle of the holidays end with Christmas and the beginning of a new year. I always have higher highs and lower lows at this time of year. I miss those who are gone more and remember the good times more. I am more thankful for God’s eternal grace and the blessings that He has given to me (not because I earned them or deserved them). I reflect on the past year with Linda and pray for guidance as we make our plans for the next year.

I pray more, seek to know Jesus more fully, take trips to see family and consequently write less. May this season of thanksgiving and worship be all that it needs to be to bring you closer to God, help you to love Jesus and give you peace and happiness.

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