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During this travel adventure we have risen at 5:30 while on projects and around 7:00 (with no alarm) when not on projects. That is until this week. In this campground, we have been waking between 8 and 9. This may be because of the extra-long drive to get here, or perhaps because of the time change, or simply that the TV shows end at 11 instead of 10. Or we could be more content here, more at peace with our surroundings. This is a nice, quiet campground and we have a great site.

On Wednesday, we met with Miss Laverne Davis and Diane and Lisa for dinner at a nice restaurant and bar called Bull Daddy’s in Appomattox. It was truly wonderful to see these women from Linda’s past so excited to see her again and reminisce. This is the fourth time since we started traveling that Linda has found people from the past who were, and still are, friends.

Each of these encounters has brought healing and joy. As I witness these reunions I am truly blessed to see the hand of God working to bring even more peace to Linda. Her heart, already full of love, is overflowing with the joy of the Lord and it shows.


Last night we stopped to rest and today we move on, breaking our pattern of at least two nights at each stop. Of course, yesterday we only drove 98 miles with a pause at the White Sands National Monument to marvel at another of God’s wonders and today we only drive 117 miles to Lordsburg where to two-night rule will be in effect.

We are children of an awesome God. Yesterday at White Sands, Linda climbed the dunes and fell three times with no ill effects. She played with our cat on the dunes and is as happy as I have ever seen her. There is a miracle happening right before my eyes as we travel the nation that I can no longer ignore or keep quiet about. My wife is healing as we depend more on the Lord and worry less about our own means.

As we pray together each evening and morning our prayers are becoming less about our needs and more about family needs, friend needs and the needs of our nation and the world. Yes, we are still praying for the Lord to use us, but we are now also praying for the Lord to use all Christians to heal this nation and the world. Let us all pray for God’s mighty Presence to overshadow and heal the world.

This morning our conversation turned to the healing power of God. I used to wonder if God was really in the business of healing people, if all those people who claimed to be miraculously healed were, in fact, healed and not faking it for attention. (I no longer doubt the Lord’s ability to heal since I have seen it with my own eyes. But I digress.)

The point that I found interesting was that when one is healed it is instantaneous in the spirit but may show in the physical over time. In other words, God heals you from the inside out. He heals your spirit and then as you accept this new reality the physical manifestation of this healing becomes more and more apparent.

I had read Philippians 1:6 “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” and equated it with only my spiritual life and this morning realized that the spiritual and the physical are not separate but two parts of the same whole.

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