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Today has started as a cold (low 40’s), wet day and will be that way all day. Does this mean that today will be a miserable day? That is the adjective usually ascribed to a cold and wet day. Once again, just like happiness comes from within us… so does being miserable.

What people do to us, what the environment gives to us are things outside of our control. For the most part, illness and pain and suffering are things that happen to us and not things that we control. It lies within us to control our response to things that happen. We can choose to be happy, we can choose to reject misery and we can choose to seek the joy of the Lord in all that we do.

When we seek the joy of the Lord, when we actively pursue His peace for our lives, the Lord will grant us the desires of our heart. We will have joy and not misery, we will be filled with peace and not discord. So, seek first the will of God, pursue with passion His kingdom and be ready to be blessed every day for the rest of your life. Blessing will come… even amid pain and suffering, they will come.


Linda felt fine yesterday after all the activity the day before, we even walked the cat together, sat outside in front a fire in our fire pit and enjoyed the evening. All in all, a wonderful relaxing day of rest. And then today… Linda is just now getting the reaction to doing too much from the day before yesterday. She will spend today taking care of her special needs so that tomorrow we will be able to travel.

Even though we love this life we are living, the reconnecting with friends and relatives and seeing the United States, there is a price to pay beyond the monetary. We both have health issues that come up, mine not nearly as severe as Linda’s, and we both miss seeing our family. We continue on (traveling and spreading the Lord’s love) because we feel that life is a gift from the Lord, a gift to be used in His service and for His glory.

We were never guaranteed an easy life. We were never promised freedom from poverty or pain. In fact, if you follow Christ, you are promised a life of martyrdom, pain and suffering, a life set apart from the world. Yes, following Christ is full of hardships… and joy and peace and love… it seems impossible but it is true.

Yesterday was a very good day with a good road to drive between stops and a campground with hot springs. So, we had a good soak, great conversation with a couple from the Netherlands and others, ate supper and watched a fire-dance show last night. We felt like we were sitting in a gypsy camp.

Of course Linda hurt from the ride and the extra activity (even with the hot springs) and slept poorly last night while I was my usual blissful sleeper. Today has all of the earmarks of another beautiful day, a day of rest and contemplation for us. Watching Linda do the most ordinary of things with joy knowing the she will suffer because of them lifts and breaks my heart because I know that her joy has to come from the Lord. It has been a joy for us to watch as Jesus works in our lives to heal us physically and mature us spiritually.

We are meeting people, seeing amazing sights and using our freedom to travel to spread God’s love and joy wherever we go. As a point of interest, this is not an appealing campground and the campers are mostly one nighters on their way between Reno and Las Vegas. This morning the place is empty and tonight we will have new people to talk with. Praise God.

All campgrounds have their highs and their lows. This one is only 17 miles from Julian, California, the high during the day is the low 80’s and the low at night is the upper 60’s. The sites are very nice and not tight if you are in a 21-foot travel trailer. It is very quiet and secluded.

However, because of low power at the pole, we cannot run the AC – not so bad at these temperatures. The road in (California route 79) prohibits any vehicle over 40 feet long because it is windy and narrow – again not a problem for us. The sites are not real level and difficult to back into but real nice once you are set up.

Walking with the Lord is a lot like this campground. It will be a narrow and winding path that He will take you on. There will be tight places and ups and downs in your energy levels. Just as you get set up and start to feel comfortable in your calling, He will tap you on your shoulder and say “Time to move on”. Always be ready, the journey is long and hard but worth every twist and turn. There is joy in every hardship and peace in the journey.

Praise the Lord for the life that you have. Praise Him every day and worship Him as the Creator of all that you see and all that is unseen. Praise Him in the good times and praise Him in the uncertain times when the future is cloudy.

Praise the Lord for your pain and your trials for it is through the crucible of your trials that your faith is strengthened. Feel joy when you are in the valley for God is with you.

Yes, God is with you when you are troubled to bring peace to your heart, God is beside you to guide you and encourage you and God is in front of you encouraging you to see through the troubles to the calm of His open arms.

There are plenty of proofs of the Lord’s healing touch, there are shining examples of His mercy in action, just look around you. See those who are hurting filled with joy. See those who have little or nothing being content and not coveting the wealth all around them. Look with open eyes and an open mind and you will believe and when you believe your life will never be the same. Come to the joyous side of life!

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