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Yesterday was our normal day of rest after traveling. As we had coffee outside our trailer, Billy from next door came by and we started talking. As Billy and I talked Linda went next door and talked with his wife. We then got together at their site and enjoyed the company.

We came back to the trailer and rested for the afternoon then went for a swim, met a second couple and fellowshipped, and then spent time in the hot tub where we met a third couple and had good fellowship. So, today, Linda resumes her rest time and tries to recuperate from both the travel time and the fellowship time.

We make our plans and the Lord orders our steps. He puts people in front of us who need our story, who need to hear about Linda and the Lord, or me and the Lord, or us and the Lord. Sometimes our rest time becomes His. Each of these couples needed to hear from us as we needed to hear from them. Each time of sharing was completely different, from the loss of children, to coping with six boys 20 years apart and 5 weddings in 8 months to imminent retirement and deciding to RV fulltime. We learn from each contact and grow with God’s lessons every day.


Sometimes our best plans go for naught. Circumstances, illness, disaster or injury intrude on what was planned to be a time of great joy. Life can interfere with our dreams and goals even when they have been dreamt or set for the glory of God. A simple thing like an upset stomach can derail several days of one’s life. Beginning yesterday morning and continuing today my life has been derailed.

When the service that you perform is a fair drive away and there are no facilities on the way and none on the jobsite, life becomes interesting and it becomes more prudent to forego that day of service. I hate taking days off and seldom do when hurt or ill but if God wants you home He finds a way.

Sometimes God uses the mundane to get our attention and He now has mine. Illness and injuries are things that I have had very little personal experience with, maybe the Lord is using my stomach and a bad knee to give me a better understanding of the problems of others.

I can’t wait to see the lessons to be learned here.

Lessons from God can be very painful because they cause us to grow in our faith. Should the pain make us doubt that God loves us, that his plans are to help us prosper? Absolutely not. If Jesus was willing to die for us so that we would have everlasting life and be with Him for eternity then He would certainly be willing to allow us to learn painful lessons as we follow His path. God has, in His mercy, given us an owner’s manual for our lives to help us avoid painful lessons.

Many of the painful lessons of life can be avoided with a little effort and study. God gave us a manual for our lives. A book that can guides through the pitfalls of daily living as well as the valleys and mountain that we have to traverse. This Book is called the Bible

As we travel the path through this world that God laid out for us, the Bible provides a map with the route to eternity clearly marked. All we have to do is follow the instructions. Man, however, has trouble following instructions and that has caused all kinds of problems in the world.

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