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Last night, even though we are moving today, we stayed up real late watching old TV shows and reading. Since we did not sleep in, we are working a little slower this morning due to the lack of sleep. These 11 days of camping have gone by quickly and our time to leave arrived all too soon. We saw old friends and made new friends, both of which we will miss.

Even though we don’t know where or when, we know we will see these folks again. We always pray that the Lord will bless us with new friends and He does. In His time, He places people on our path that need us and people that we need. This stop, He gave us people that we needed to fellowship with and be encouraged by.

So now, we move on to the New Jersey shore, first to Port Republic for 2 weeks and then Cape May Courthouse for 2 weeks. There are several places reachable from these locations, not the least of which is the Atlantic Ocean beach area.

Once again, we will be praying to recognize those who the Lord wants us to minister to as well as those can minister to us.


Monticello is a thought-provoking tranquil place that was the home of our third president, Thomas Jefferson. Yesterday, Linda and I went there to tour the house and grounds. We spent the afternoon walking up and down the small mountain with magnificent views and thoroughly tired ourselves out. While we could speak of the brilliant and conflicted man, the turbulent time he was drawn into and the life he lived, we need not, for his life and decisions speak for themselves.

After Monticello, we stopped to dine in Lovingston at the Golden Arches and had a fine repast replete with ice cream for desert. The weather had been near perfection all day, our shared love for each other very evident and the grace of the Lord was abundantly clear as we walked, talked and listened through day.

This morning we woke to more grace from the Lord as there were few ill effects from yesterday. In fact, we slept in to 8:30 and took our coffee outside in our lounge chairs and just, well, ‘lounged’ until 11:30 when we realized that we needed to eat breakfast.

Moments of ministry came, were met and slipped away quietly. Just being children of God ministers to you and to others in many gentle and unseen ways.

As we get ready to return to Kentucky to help with the groups that Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) hosts, I am reflecting on what draws me to CAP. I think that part of it is the feeling of rightness that comes over me when I am there doing the things that are needed. Another term could be soul satisfaction, that feeling of joy when your efforts are for the betterment of others rather than self.

The Lord will give you indicators when you are in His will just as he gives you indicators when you are straying from His plan for you. The feeling that comes over me when I am at CAP is an indicator of being in His will. Just as that occasional feeling of dissatisfaction when I am looking out for me is an indicator that I am going off of His path and need a course correction.

Find the ministry that feels right when you are doing it. You may already know what it is or you may search for a while. If you don’t already know, pray, seek the will of the Lord and do not be afraid of trying ministries and moving about until you get your own soul satisfaction.


As Linda and I seek to be in your service
Let us hear your small still voice
When we pray in our special place
As we try to make the proper choice.

Help us be true to Your plans for us
Help us to see where we are to be
Teach us what we are to discuss
Show us how to show what we see.

Lord, lead us as we plan our course
Take us by the hand along Your way
And allow us a life with no remorse
As we speak of you day by day.

Of the many Merriam Webster synonyms for ministry, agency and instrument are the two that we need to consider in the church. Within the church, ministry is the application of the gifts of the Spirit to the problems of mankind. Just as we all have diverse gifts, we all have diverse ministries. It would be useless to try to list all of the agencies that have risen from the church and equally difficult to name the instruments made available through God’s grace.

As our walk with Jesus moves forward, as it surely must, we comes to realize that faith without works is dead. It becomes very uncomfortable to sit in a church week after week and hear God’s Word and do nothing. We need to pray to the Lord for our gifts to be revealed and then act. Choose a ministry based upon your perceived gifts and get involved. Speak with the pastors in your church, seek the advice of fellow believers, make ministry a topic of conversation at home and become a doer of the Word and not just a listener.

Get involved. Show the world a live faith that can move mountains.

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