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This world that we all live is a wondrous place, a magical kingdom just waiting to be explored. The beauty that the Lord created is filled with nuances that explode into our senses over and over again. Yes, the Creator made a perfect world, and yet He also created humankind, created us in His image, perfect in every way.

So, what happened? Adam and Eve disobeyed. And their disobedience was the first time that man sinned against God. Down through the ages man kept turning away from God and God continued to show grace and forgave us. And then Jesus came into the world.

God came down from heaven and took the form of His created to show us the way back. He did not remove sin from the world, He did not force man to obey. No, He showed us how to have lives that followed Him. Jesus led the way to bringing love, grace and mercy to a corrupt world.

What do we do with this gift? We follow the example of Jesus and pass the love, grace and mercy of the Lord to others. By example, by word, by actions, we share the love of Jesus and the world becomes less evil each time.


There is an amount allotted to each of us from the Lord. Instead of looking at our neighbor’s life, we need to be looking at our own life and seeing what the Lord has provided. Instead of longing for what we don’t have, we need to be good stewards of what we do have.

We must resolve to be content in our circumstances. For if we have been faithful to God, He has been faithful to provide for us. Our circumstances have been provided by the Lord. Our daily bread comes from the Father as surely as He provided the manna for the Israelites.

As I read these words, I realize that I usually fail miserably at being humble and accepting my daily bread as my allotted amount. That is why God’s grace is so important to me, for it is only by His grace that I can accept my lot in life. I praise the Lord and thank Him every day for what I have and this is how I move forward in joy, not seeking to have more, rather seeking to give more away so others can enjoy the daily bread that the Lord provides.

Our blessings are not for us to hoard, not for our enjoyment only. Only by giving our blessings away will we be able receive the full benefit of God’s grace.

When you wake up feeling like you have to go forth and face the demons of another day alone, when the feeling of being alone becomes a burden instead of a peaceful time, know that you are not alone, that the demons can be fought by another if you allow it. There are forces beyond our understanding at work in the universe, forces that are known by faith and not by observation.

Too many atrocities have been committed, too many wars have been fought, too many injustices allowed to happen trying to persuade others that we have the truth. Persuasion is not our job. With that said, don’t allow your analytical mind to stop your heart from seeing what it knows is true. Don’t allow the failings of religion to hide the truth of God’s love. Don’t allow the idiocies of man to hold you back from the peace of the Lord.

God meets each of us where we are and changes our hearts individually. When we find the peace of the Lord it is impossible to keep it to ourselves. We must share what we have, not to change the world, not to impose our beliefs on others, not win souls but just to tell our story in the hope of helping others.

Speak joy when you wake up, Jesus loves your cheerful praise. Treat everyone like a long lost friend who has come home again. Be ready with a quick smile,
Be ready to forgive all,
Be ready walk besides the hurting,
Be ready to carry the load of the weak,
Be ready to comfort the sick,
Be ready to speak the truth of Jesus,
Be ready to be walk with Jesus alone,
Be ready to share Jesus with everyone.

With Jesus today is the best day of your life
Tomorrow will be even better when you
Give the love that you receive from Jesus away.
Share God’s grace day by day by day.

People in the United States live in absurd wealth. Not only do we have enough to eat, we collectively throw away enough food to feed thousands, no tens of thousands of people every day. You must remember that wealth by itself is not a sin. The sin comes not from the wealth but from one heart issue that leads to another. The first sin is believing with your heart that your own power and work produced your wealth. All blessings come from the Lord and for you to take credit for the Lord’s work is the very height of arrogance and pride. (Deuteronomy 8:17 Beware lest you say in your heart, ‘My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth.’)

The second sin comes from the first and is ignoring the needs of the poor, the homeless, the handicapped and the helpless. If all of this is ours to own and not the Lord’s for us to manage then we feel not responsibility to share, to help others less fortunate. After all they too could have become wealthy, couldn’t they? If, however, we are the stewards of the Lord’s wealth then we must do His will and that is to share His blessings with the world.

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