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Last night the demons came

Yesterday afternoon was nearly perfect. We walked the 199 steps of the lighthouse at Cape May, strode on the beach and visited the WWII bunker. Then we drove to Sunset beach went through some souvenir shops and saw the remains of a cement ship from WWI. All in all, a nice relaxing day that ended with a fire pit and Linda roasting marshmallows.

But all was not as it seemed. Satan and his pals were just waiting for me to go to sleep so they could attack. You see, yesterday morning I made a $50 mistake and got all caught up in the ‘blame game’. I berated myself for my stupidity and could not let go. This was the opening that the demons needed to torment me in my sleep. I relived all foolish, sinful acts of my life. I was tormented and tortured for hours until I sought solace in the Lord.

Yes, my sins have been blotted by the blood of Christ and yes, my salvation is assured, but, I still live in satan’s realm until either Jesus returns or I go to heaven. The spiritual war is still raging here on earth and we need to be ever vigilant, always leaning on the grace and mercy of God and always wearing His Word.

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