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Sitting here thinking about the devastation in Texas and the response from the people in the affected region. They have come together in a magnificent display of courage, charity, and compassion. As the rest of the country mobilizes to bring assistance to those in trouble, there are those who are already trying to minimize the local response, trying to cast blame for a natural disaster and trying to gain politically on the backs of survivors.

I am no longer able to sit idly by and watch the destruction of unbiased reporting. I no longer trust any news media to be accurate, all reporting is biased. This leaves us all with a huge problem. How do we know the truth when the facts are obscured by ‘image experts’ (read… reporters) whose sole job is to make one faction look good and another look bad?

As a nation, we need to stop enabling the negative press, we need to start enabling the positive reporting. It seems to be a fact that we gravitate toward a negative worldview where the facts can be distorted and blame is the name of the game.

As an individual, I am going to trust in the Lord to order my steps and give me the grace and wisdom to speak the truth and to see the trth amidst the lies of this fallen world.


When we have not been totally honest with those we love, we run the risk of the truth just showing up and the truth can be a scary, hurtful thing. Hearing the truth, for the first time, when it has been withheld for a long time is painful and requires understanding and compassion. We all have our little secrets and hurts, we all have painful memories and bad things that have been done to us. Rather than bury them, we need to express them. If we don’t open them to the light, if we don’t let others see our pain, if we keep our hurts hidden, others will not know, will not be able to understand, will not be able to see us as we are… broken and yet strong through Christ, human and fallible and yet whole and pure through the blood of Jesus.

Words can wound and words can heal and sometimes the same words can do both. With the help of the Lord, the choice is always ours. Pray for the wisdom to see past the hurt and the pain, pray for insight to see the truth in the rubble of life and pray for the Lord’s mercy and goodness to flow into your heart.

When Little Man (our cat) and I were walking this morning, one of the park employees came up to us to start a friendly conversation. Little Man became frightened, slipped his collar and ran off. Only a few minutes later he came to me from under our truck just like nothing had happened. Linda called to him and he ran into our camper happy be home with her.

In the camper, he came right to me to have his collar put back on (after I had tightened it to prevent another escape). Now he is sleeping on the bed with Linda as though nothing ever happened, the incident forgotten and his world repaired as though there had never been this issue of fear and escape and return.

We, too, often ‘slip our collars’ and escape into sin. Whether out of fear, temptation or just plain ignorance, we all fall away from the Lord in our lives. We need to come back to Him quickly repenting of our sin and joyfully reunite with Him. As He cleans our heart, restores our soul and repairs our lives we, too, just like Little Man, need to put the episode behind us and move forward in Truth and Love.

Our minds can play tricks on us. The world is a fickle lover. Satan lies. All of these things are true and yet many put their trust in one or more of these. What is the attraction of being lied to, abandoned or being fooled? Why put your faith in something fickle or temporary or not trustworthy?

We know that the world is an orderly place because the physical realm has laws of nature that keep things that way. We also know that the physical world is temporary and can cause great harm. We know that most people will behave according to the rules and conventions of society and yet they will all fall short of our expectations. And we know that Satan always twist the truth to fool us and yet we will still be seduced by his lies.

There is only one Truth that never lies, never fails and is eternal. There is only one Truth who will always love you, always keep you safe in His loving arms and always be by your side. There is only one Truth and that Truth is in the person of Jesus Christ the only Son of the living God.

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father but by Me.

When you wake up feeling like you have to go forth and face the demons of another day alone, when the feeling of being alone becomes a burden instead of a peaceful time, know that you are not alone, that the demons can be fought by another if you allow it. There are forces beyond our understanding at work in the universe, forces that are known by faith and not by observation.

Too many atrocities have been committed, too many wars have been fought, too many injustices allowed to happen trying to persuade others that we have the truth. Persuasion is not our job. With that said, don’t allow your analytical mind to stop your heart from seeing what it knows is true. Don’t allow the failings of religion to hide the truth of God’s love. Don’t allow the idiocies of man to hold you back from the peace of the Lord.

God meets each of us where we are and changes our hearts individually. When we find the peace of the Lord it is impossible to keep it to ourselves. We must share what we have, not to change the world, not to impose our beliefs on others, not win souls but just to tell our story in the hope of helping others.

As you stand in your given place in the army of the Lord you must have on the belt of truth (Ephesians 6:14) from which your sword hangs ready for battle. This belt of truth is the gospel of Jesus Christ which holds the armor together. Without the truth of Jesus no one can withstand the guile of the evil one (John 14:6). So you must study God’s Word, know the truth and be ready to send the evil one away.

As you stand you must be ever vigilant (Luke 21:19). Without your vigilance the evil one and the world can, and will, enter in and damage your testimony, make you doubt your path and stymie your gifts. As the battles surround you, you must be steadfast in your faith, keen in discernment and ready to dispel untruth.

Let’s be full of the truth and firm in our resolve to bring the Good News of the redemption of man. The truth that Jesus is the Son of God, that He lived as a man, died as a sacrifice for our sins and rose to be our high priest at the right hand of God the Father.

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