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There are moments in our lives that seem to last forever. Not whole days, rather snippets of time (both good and bad) that impress me with their importance like the birth of my daughter, the death of her mother and the awful sound of my daughter when I made the phone call. Things that uplift us and things that drag us down have the same impact on our lives.

Without Jesus in our hearts the mountains are higher and the valleys are lower. Life becomes a giant roller coaster with no brake to even out the ride. When I asked for peace in my heart, the Lord provided. When I gave up trying on my own and prayed for help, the Lord provided. Every time I turn my life over, the Lord provides.

It became very clear to me that, not only could I not handle the major issues in my life, I needed help with daily concerns as well. Turning to God when life beats you down is easy, turning to God when all is good seems so unnecessary. I am here to say that my days have become so much better with the Lord in charge. The mountains are easier to climb and the valleys are no longer frightening.


To many people this week at Williamsburg would be considered a bad week. We have not left the campground yet, and may not except for me to shop. There have been several days of rain and yet, this has been a very good week. We have been to the pool and hot tub twice and met some wonderful folks while at the pool and hot tub and even while walking the cat.

This sounds boring and to some people it would be. Not to us. Our Lord has a purpose for everything that happens in our lives. He is always preparing us for the future, readying us for life with Him in eternity. We see His Hand in every experience of our lives. Whether He is leading us through a valley or showing us a mountaintop, the Lord is there.

There are times when we doubt His presence, when we are angry with Him and even times when we try to walk away from Him. But we can’t ignore Him. He is still always there, always loving us and always waiting for us to turn around and embrace Him. He waits, even through our anger and our hate, He loves us. Turn around now, as long as you live He waits.

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