Saturday, normally a day to run errands, do home projects or a bit of looking around, in short, a day for us to be together just enjoying each other’s company. Today will start out the same as most Saturdays and morph into time spent together in service to others.
When the needs of the community become as vast as they are here, the community mobilizes to assist. Nowhere is this more evident than in Eastern Kentucky. The driving force behind this phenomenon is the spirit of the people who live here. They have a faith that is unshakeable and a heart that is tender. We, at Christian Appalachian Project (CAP), are privileged to work and play in this region. God has blessed each of us by bringing us here to serve Him by helping these people.

So, this afternoon CAP will set up to receive volunteers beginning tomorrow who come from all over when asked. They will be housed and fed as they work in the various locations to help alleviate the pain, suffering and loss caused by the flooding. There will be cooks, distribution site workers and crew leaders and volunteers at the homes doing cleanup and preparation work for the repairs that come later.